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future trend of construction machinery industry-凯发k8官方旗舰厅

from 1980s to the beginning of this century, domestic and foreign construction machineryproducts technology has come from a mature period to the modern era. with a new technological revolution, the comprehensive technical level of construction machinery products has leapt to a new level. electronic technology, themicrocomputer, the sensor and the electric hydraulic servo and control system integration of the transformation of the traditional mechanical products, computer aided design, cad and auxiliary management equipped engineering machinery manufacturing industry, the it network technology is also equipped with a mechanical engineering sales and information transfer system, so as to let the people see a new engineering machinery industry. the new products of mechanical engineering in the aspects of work efficiency, job quality, environmental protection, operation property and degree of automation are past the incomparable, and toward the further intelligent and robotic direction forward. future construction machinery industry and will move toward where, what kind of products and accepted by users, xiaobian believe that just starting from the following points, in advancing constantly adjusted at the same time at their own pace, to regain the glory is only one step away!


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