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as an industrial machine, the machine tool industry is undoubtedly the most important component of china's manufacturing industry. for a long time, with the strong domestic demand in china, china's machine tool manufacturing industry has grown rapidly. as the market becomes more saturated, the voice of internal change in the industry is getting higher and higher. the tremendous pressure from the outside and the understanding of the company itself, "gongtie" has embarked on the road to change. with the help of capital, gong tie is accelerating to catch up to achieve overtaking by exploiting the two-legged way of independent research and development and the introduction of high-tech management technology. to achieve enterprise transformation and upgrading, we must rely on the support of policies. following the "several opinions of the state council on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry", the development of high-end cnc machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment has been included in 16 key points. this trend has provided a good opportunity for "miyao iron" to make a qualitative leap from quantitative change. will the precipitation of time make the “gongtie” transform from the traditional machine tool industry to the new technology machine tool industry?

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