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welcome: ningbo gongtie smart technology co., ltd.


research development
we have the technical consultant from belgium, europe,and own the motor spindle technology introduced from italy.

quality assurance
we adopt all the core components from well known brands like yaskawa , schneider, smc, pmi, etc. besides, each lathe is checked by the laser instrument.

package & delivery
we take care for better package and delivery in addition to the machine quality.

we have fast reply in accordance with the customer’s requirement and one year guarantee period ,also provide the spare parts and repairs outside the warranty period.

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contact us

contact: echo.y.zhang

fax: 0574-88095075

tel: 86-18057486168


add: no.16, gaoya road, jiangshan scientific&technological park, yinzhou, ningbo, zhejiang, china. eu r&d center: reggio emilia, italy

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