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company history

year2018,double spindle with automatic loading&unloading system got approached, the outside looks fashion & well waterproof, functionally can realize to finish the all processing in one time, and be compatible with gantry loader, which can perfectly solve the labor management problem, and improve the total production efficiency a lot.

year2017,the motor spindle precision cnc lathe enters the market in large quantities, with higher efficiency and better finish, it is recognized by the vast number of customers; the flexible production line of automatic shaft type backfeeding simple numerical control lathe; foreign trade shipping into russia, ukraine, belgium, argentina market. dormant to develop new products, for the next year a good foundation is built for the new market.

year2016,the motorspindle has been successfully developed and put into production in batches. gongtie  has become the strategic partner of the eighth supplier of apple's mobile phone in the world, and has completed two batch supplies. small cnc lathe for automatic feeding of shaft type is successfully developed and put into batch production; foreign trade orders are shipped directly to russian market.

year 2015,on the basis of precision cnc and industrial robot, we take the intelligent factory as the development direction, adjust the organization, reach the strategic cooperative relationship with many domestic and foreign robotics manufacturers, and enter the capital market. the introduction of modern management system is establishing. all kinds of intelligent application cases are in progress.

year2014,successful research and development of gantry frame robot (3-axis); repositioning of machine tools; successful appearance design of machine tools; introduction of modern management system such as erp; cooperate with ningbo institute of technology of zhejiang university to sign technical development commission.

year 2013 ,successful research and development of six shaft type online projects; successful improvement and batch production of several precision machine tools; hiring famous domestic designers to carry out the appearance design of machine tools

year 2012,a number of door robots with two axes were successfully developed and put into production in batches. the plant was expanded with an area of about 7000 square meters.

year2011,the first door robot with two axes has been successfully developed, and the first fully automatic and precise cnc equipped with portal robot has been successfully developed.

year2010,expanding the factory area of about 5,000 square meters, classifying and determining the applicable standards for the way the machine tools are loaded and unloaded; in the same year, acquiring a precision machine tool manufacturer in qingdao to carry out research and development of precision lathes and mass production.

year 2009,moved to ningbo jiang shan science and technology park gaoya road no. 8, workshop area about 1000 square, focusing on all kinds of machine tools automatic transformation.

year 2008, the company was established, the workshop area is about 200 square meters.

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