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gongtie intelligent is the leading precision machine tool in china..-凯发k8官方旗舰厅

the leading domestic automation brand integrating precision machine tools, single machine automation and flexible production lines, focusing on the production, r&d and promotion of medium and high-end precision cnc lathes and machine tool automation, is a professional cnc machine tool automation solution provider in china.
    founded in 2006, the company has more than 100 employees and is a national high-tech enterprise. it has obtained a number of research and development patents. the company is firmly committed to scientific and technological innovation, focusing on quality, honest service, bringing together a group of outstanding talents in the field of professional technology, forming a high-quality workforce with the backbone of young and middle-aged science and technology elites, accumulating in the product development practice. a wealth of product design experience and in-depth theoretical knowledge. the company's various series of machine tools for automotive parts, valves, bearings, electronic applications, instruments, medical and other industries, and can achieve cutting, grinding, tapping, drilling, slotting and other types of processing, with all over the country distribution office and perfect agent sales network. the company's machine tools are fully in compliance with iso9000:2000 quality management system and complete management system in research and development and production, so that customers can obtain greater quality and safety in use.

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