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multi joint robot-凯发k8官方旗舰厅

joint robot, also known as articulated arm robot or joint robot arm, is one of the most 
common forms of industrial robots in the industrial field today.suitable for many industrial field of mechanical automation, for example, automatic assembly, painting, handling, welding and other work.
according to the structure classification of joint robot:

1, five axis and six axis joint robot
has five or six axes of rotation, similar to the human arm. application areas are 
loading, unloading, painting, surface treatment, testing,measurement, arc welding, 
spot welding, packaging, assembly, cutting machine tools, fixed, special assembly 
operations, forging, casting, etc..

2, pallet joint robot
planar robot scara (source: epson) two or four axis of rotation, and the starting 
point of the mechanical positioning locking device.application areas are loading, 
unloading, packaging, special handling operations, pallet transport, etc..

3, planar joint robot scara
three parallel axes of rotation and one linear axis. application areas are loading, 
unloading, welding, packaging, fixing, coating, painting,bonding, packaging, special 
handling operation, assembly, etc.. in addition, it can be classified according to 
the nature of the work of the joint robot, can be divided into many kinds of,
for example: handling robots, spot welding robots, welding robots, painting robots,
 laser cutting robot and so on.

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