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 - order
the processing object on the assembly line is transferred from one station to another in 
order to process the process,processing objects in the pipeline to do one-way movement.

 -the high degree of specialization of the workstation
each production line is only one or a few products or components, each work station only need to complete one or several operations.

 - rhythm
processing objects in each process between the time interval between the input or output, the two batch of the same products according to a certain period of timeinterval or fromthe line to the production line, to maintain a certain rhythm.

 - continuity
processing objects in each workstation to do parallel movement or parallel movement, the maximum reduction of downtime waiting time.

 - proportion
the production capacity of each working procedure on the production line is balanced and proportional, that is, the number of workstations (equipment) of each working procedure is the same as that of the various processes.the processing time of a single piece of product is roughly equal.

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