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the difference between cnc lathe and cnc milling machine-凯发k8官方旗舰厅

characteristics of nc lathe

1 the machine tool vertical, horizontal walk knife are color high precision screw and screw, mixed into the motor drive, high positioning accuracy, high turn distance.

2. the main shaft adopts the imported frequency conversion speed regulator, which can realize the stepless speed regulation.

3, the machine tool adopts the four position automatic indexing tool, suitable for processing the beginning of complex parts.

4, turning plastic products, the use of air (wind) cooling, do not pollute the environment, so that teachers, students more clean and health.

the use of cnc lathes:

1. mechanical and electrical integration, automation and other related professional numerical control technology teaching practice and comprehensive experiment.

2, aiming at the numerical control machine tool, the numerical control programming, the numerical control principle. teaching experiment and training of cad/cam and other professional courses.

characteristics of cnc milling machine

1, the machine tool uses the rectangular guide rail, the aluminum alloy wire rod, the guide rail uses the hard engineering plastic manufacture.

2. the main shaft of the machine tool adopts imported frequency converter to realize stepless speed change.

3, machine tool with hu standard rs232 interface and computer communication, cad/cam networking processing.

application of cnc milling machine

1, control the number of linkage axes: three axis spindle frequency control.

"2, 10" crt display, chinese, english tips / full screen tips.

3, rs232 interface communication, all optical isolation, strong anti-interference.

4, tool length compensation, radius compensation, screw gap compensation.

5, linear, arc interpolation, graphics simulation, dynamic graphics tracking.

6, standard iso code, g, m, f, s, t keyboard /dnc serial port input, foreground processing, background editing.

7, part of the program storage capacity: 56k (about 3000 sections of the program)

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