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development and application of nc tool rest-凯发k8官方旗舰厅

cnc turret is to realize the automatic exchange of cutting tool and the transmission of 
rotary power tool. as a result of high technical content, has been the trend of professional developmentproduced. so the research and development of cnc turret and the application of cnc machine tool industry has attracted attention. typical numerical control turret turret is generally powered by source (motor or cylinder, hydraulic motor), mechanical transmission mechanism, pre graduation mechanism, positioning mechanism, locking mechanism, detection device, interface circuit,tool mounting table (dao pan), power tool holder and so on. the action cycle of the turret of the numerical control turret is as follows: the t command (for the change of the cutter instructions -- the cutter head rotation -- the tool bit check pre - test - cutter - precise positioning locking - end signal.

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