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various cnc lathes by function-凯发k8官方旗舰厅

cnc lathe by function can be further divided into economic type cnc lathes, cnc lathes and turningordinary machining center.

(1) economical cnc lathe: the stepper motor and the microcontroller on the turning lathe to thesystem transformed into a simple form cnc lathe. lower cost, automation and functionality is poor, turning precision is not high, suitable for less demanding rotational parts turning.

(2) general cnc lathes: turning requirements according to the structure of a specially designed, equipped with universal cnc lathe formed. cnc strong functions, automation and processing accuracy is relatively high. for general turning for rotational parts. this lathe can control two axes,namely x-axis and z axis.

(3) turning center: cnc lathes in general, based on an increase of c-axis and the power head, also with a more advanced machine tool library, can control the x, z and c 3 axis, linkage control axis can be (x, z), (x, c) or (z, c), the addition of the c-axis and milling power head, cnc lathe processing function of this greatly enhanced, in addition to a general turning,  but also can be radial and axial milling, surface milling, turning parts center line is not in the center hole and the diameter to the hole drilling and other processing.

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