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cnc lathes application-凯发k8官方旗舰厅

cnc, or computer numerical controlled lathes are machine tools whose operation is directed by a computer program.
these devices are found in aeronautics and the automobile and plastics industries, as well as most other industrial settings.
such machines are designed to use carbide tools and the latest manufacturing processes, though configuration resembles that of traditional lathes. the controlling software is the essential element. the machine can be programmed directly on the shop floor or via a cd, diskette, laptop or dedicated network.
several operational parameters are coded into the program:
- tool position and speed
- position and rotational speed of the spindle holding the workpiece
- delivery of cooling fluid
- loading of raw materials
while design varies with manufacturer, all have points in common. the turret holds the tool holders and indexes them as needed. the spindle holds the workpiece, and the turret moves along several axes simultaneously on slides. for safety, many of these machines are completely enclosed.
- repeatability
- precision

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