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customer case

customer case:three machines linkage to produce parts-凯发k8官方旗舰厅



as a comprehensive application of cnc machine tools, based on the case of six joint robot cnc three machine linkage, quite representative of the industry.

the introduction is gongtie’s s36c inclined bed cnc lathe, linkage processing stainless steel high-pressure spray parts of the classic application.


材质:sus 304

material: sus 304



sample of finished product.

grooved, multi - step, internal thread




our first impression from receiving the customer's sample is that it will be very difficult to deal with the problem of scrap iron winding in the processing according to the drawing size.

in fact, compared with copper products, complex shape structure of stainless steel products processing is a test. the size requirement of multi-step and large depth is a new research topic for this case.

finally, the technology department of gongtie deliberated and studied repeatedly, and finally gave 2 key technology points:

1.  经过专门的设计,在8工位液压刀塔的本体固定部位加装了辅助推波气缸;

配合位于车削刀具后方的顶出 & 弹力回撤装置,用于强制去除工件旁的不锈钢缠绕车屑,为后续加工清除障碍。

1.after special design, an auxiliary push-wave cylinder is installed in the fixed part of the body of the hydraulic turret at station-8.

with the eject-elastic retracting device located behind the turning tool, it is used to forcibly remove the stainless steel wound scrap iron beside the workpiece and remove obstacles for subsequent processing.

2.   打孔采用作息式进程。在反复多次的一进一出间获得极度顺滑的加工愉悦感。


the drilling process adopts work-rest type. obtain extremely smooth processing pleasure in one in and one out repeatedly.

this also creates the prerequisites for minimizing the entanglement of stainless steel scrap iron.


solved the scrap iron problem, the next is according to the processing requirements to make online processing parking layout.

1)加工过程:外圆 倒角 平头 台阶 打孔 内螺纹

machining process: round chamfered flat head process step, hole ,internal thread


这是根据每道加工工序所需时间做出的加工节拍(processing rhythm)所决定的。

specific processing location: the center machine is used for secondary processing.two side mounted for one processing.

this is determined by a processing rhythm that is based on the time required for each processing step.


according to the set program, the joint robot completes the rotation process of blank parts, one-time workpiece processing, finished product grasping, u-turn, feeding and unloading.



equipped with fixed position workpiece u-turn device for workpiece u-turn processing.


three code plate automatic feeding device; the six-joint robot grabs and places the workpiece in order


the photoelectric switch senses the stacking condition of finished products


belt conveyor to complete the automatic processing of finished products out;


the finished products are automatically transferred to the finished product frame in order.


about robot


six-joint heavy-duty cantilever robot with distal load up to 35kg.


equipped with a simple interface, easy to operate hand board, self-learning track.


three - machine and robot cooperative action control based on delta plc system.




reasonable process arrangement, flexible 8-station turret, auxiliary design of chip forced ejecting and drawing device,

under the automatic loading and unloading of multi-joint robot,

the whole application like a fish in water.

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