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customer case automatic loading and unloading hydraulic parts cnc lathe-凯发k8官方旗舰厅

ningbo gongtie smart technology co., ltd., located in the east ocean of china, is a “national high-tech enterprise”, specialized in precise cnc lathe, gantry loader, and feeding system so on. here below is a project introduction for hydraulic pipe parts industry application, which is shipping for ukranine
great productivity, robustness, quality of the materials and reliability are the distinctive features of gongtie machines.
下面是一个关于液压管件产品的客户案列介绍, 此设备是出口到乌克兰国家。
direct-application: 直接应用
below is some of the customer cases parts machined by our cnc lathes for your reference.
indirect application: 间接应用
typical customer: 典型客户
one precision machinery company for hydraulic pipe parts in ukraine
machining product: 实际加工的产品
introduction: 机床选型介绍
as for this product, considering customer’s mass production requirement,
l  we propose our precise cnc lathe with gantry loader, for saving the labor cost and improving the production efficiency.
l  我们推荐精密数控车床单机自动化,为了节约人工和提高生产效率
l  due to the product after id thread turning will come out lots of chips, we take the spindle spraying water way to solve the chips problem.
l  用于客户的这个产品在加工内螺纹后,产品里面会出现很多铁屑,我们采用主轴后冲水的方式来把碎屑冲出来去解决问题。
specify solution: 具体的车型方案推荐
in order to have a continuous production,
we use q7 gantry loader in tray as the feeding system.
the other added devices is as below: 其他增加的装置描述如下:
for the gantry loader, we use smc pneumatic system for more reliable running. 同时,对于桁架自动送料机械手,我们采用smc品牌的气动系统来提高稳定性。
the last even well take care for the packaging

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