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customer case of solenoid valve assembly-凯发k8官方旗舰厅

ningbo gongtie smart technology co.,ltd located in the east ocean of china, is a “national high-tech enterprise”, specialized in precise cnc lathe, gantry loader, and feeding system so on, below is a project introduction for pneumatic tool rotor industry application.
great productivity, robustness, quality of the materials and reliability are the distinctive features of gongtie machines.
the following is a customer case about solenoid valve assembly.

direct-application: 直接应用

indirect application:  间接应用


typical customer: 典型客户
one solenoid valve assembly company 
the exact producing parts:

introduction: 机床选型介绍

as for this product, considering customer’s mass production requirement,


l  we recommend precision cnc lathes, the client needs a larger machine tool with better rigidity, so we choose s36

l  我们推荐精密数控车床,客户工件需要刚性更好的大机床,所以我们选s36

l  the exact cnc lathe is our typical slant bed with gantry loader

l  具体所选车型是我们经典平床身s36 刚性强,同时增配的机械手送下料

specify solution: 具体的车型方案推荐

 precision cnc lathe s36 with slant bed

gantry loader

the other added devices is as below: 其他增加的装置描述如下:


the last even well take care for the packaging

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